Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
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Victor E. Cameron Professor
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Dean Emeritus, Professor Emeritus
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Professor in the Practice
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J.S. Abercrombie Professor Emeritus
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Assistant Professor
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TI Visiting Professor (2004)
Assistant Professor
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 Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor

Faculty Alumni

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Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
TI Visiting Professor (2009)
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Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Rice Faculty (1999-2008)
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Walter E. Koss Professor of Mathematics, Texas A&M University
TI Visiting Professor (2006)
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Hyeokho Choi
Northo Carolina State University (2005-2008)
Rice Faculty (2000-2005)
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McFarland-Bascom Professor, University of Wisconsin
Rice Faculty (1999-2003)
Rice Postdoc (1995-1996)
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Professor Emeritus, Cornell University
Rice Faculty (1967-1986)
TI Visiting Professor (2002)
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Professor and Chair, Northeastern University
TI Visiting Professor (2002)
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Professor, University of Southern California
TI Visiting Professor (2002)
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President, Rochester Institute of Technology
TI Visiting Professor (1999)
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Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rice PhD (1987)
TI Visiting Professor (1998)
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Researcher, Google
TI Visiting Professor (1997)
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Professor, Southern Methodist University
Rice Faculty (1991)
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Research Professor, University of California - Irvine
Rice Faculty (1965-1990)