Rice Wavelet Toolbox

The Rice Wavelet Toolbox (RWT) is a collection of Matlab M-files and C MEX-files for 1D and 2D wavelet and filter bank design, analysis, and processing. The toolbox provides tools for denoising and interfaces directly with our Matlab code for wavelet domain hidden Markov models and wavelet regularized deconvolution.

The source code and compiled versions of the RWT are now hosted on Github at http://github.com/ricedsp/rwt.
There is also a Google group for users at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/rwt-users.

Authors: Richard Baraniuk, Hyeokho Choi, Ramesh Neelamani, Vinay Ribeiro, Justin Romberg, Haitao Guo, Felix Fernandes, Brent Hendricks, Ramesh Gopinath, Markus Lang, Jan Erik Odegard, Dong Wei, Josh Jackson

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