ELEC 431 - Digital Signal Processing - Spring 2010

This course provides an overview of discrete-time signal processing from a vector space perspective. Topics will include sampling, filter design, multirate signal processing and filterbanks, Fourier and wavelet analysis, subspace methods, and a variety of topics relating to inverse problems and "least-squares signal processing'' as time permits.


Mark Davenport

Teaching Assistant:

Drew Waters

Graders: Eva Dyer, Manjari Narayan

Location: Duncan Hall 1075

Time: Mondays, Wedensdays, and Fridays 9-9:50am

Prerequisites: Introduction to Signals and Systems (ELEC 301), Introduction to Random Signals (ELEC 303)

Lecture Notes

Course Notes in Connexions

Recommended Reading: This course has no required textbook. Lecture notes will be made available. However, there are a number of references that I have found helpful over the years for learning the material in this class. These should be available on reserve at Fondren.

  • Moon and Stirling: Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Signal Processing
  • Oppenheim and Schafer: Discrete-Time Signal Processing
  • Lyons: Understanding Digital Signal Processing
  • Young: An Introduction to Hilbert Space
  • Mallat: A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing
  • Nguyen and Strang: Wavelets and Filter Banks



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