A celebration of 50 years of Rice University's leadership in
digital signal processing research and education

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) – the transformation of data (signals, images, video, etc.) to extract or better transmit information – has evolved from an obscure research discipline into an essential technology of everyday life. DSP has enabled numerous technologies we now take for granted, from CD players, cellphones, WiFi, HDTV, and Siri to MRI and CT medical imagers, seismic data analyzers, and imaging satellites.

Rice University has been a major force in DSP research and education since two young faculty members launched their first DSP course some 50 years ago. Sidney Burrus and Tom Parks, together with their colleagues, joined over the years by Rui deFigueredo, Don Johnson and waves of additional faculty, built an internationally recognized program that spawned key theory and algorithms for digital filter design, fast Fourier transforms, array processing, wavelet transforms, compressive sensing, and deep learning.  Rice's many outstanding DSP alumni now hold leadership positions in academics, industry, and government.

DSP50 will commemorate and celebrate the past, present, and future of one of the longest-running successful research and education programs at Rice with a variety of speakers, panel sessions, and discussions.

WHEN:  Friday 26 April 2019

WHERE:  BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC), Rice University, Houston, Texas

FINAL PROGRAM:  Formal, Detailed

LIVE PHOTO/VIDEO UPLOAD:  Please take lots of photos and videos during the event and email them to DSP50_V.qh3490ijm14ssyah@u.box.com. We will share them with everyone here and on the Rice ECE Facebook page

FOR MORE INFO:  Contact Richard Baraniuk (richb at rice.edu) or Sarah Callan (sc91 at rice.edu)

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